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Welcome to our beachfront restaurant and bar ! 


Bruschetta - 
3 pieces of toasted bread with fresh tomato, onion,

garlic & basil topped with mozarella cheese.

Garlic bread -

2 pieces of bread spread with garlicbutter toasted to perfection!

Bacon Pineapple Roll Ups (6 pieces ) - 

Fresh pineapple wrapped in bacon - Sweet and Savoury!

Fish Fingers - 

Fresh fish couated with bread crumbs and served with garlic souce. 

Potato Wedges (Guest favourite) - 

Curried potato wedgesfrie, fried and served with creamy garlic souce. 

Chips - 

Fries made from freshcut potatoes served with ketchup.

Pasta - Salad

Tomato , Garlic & Basil Pasta 
Fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil in olivie oil mixex with pasta, topped with mozerella. 

Spaghetti bolognese

Ground beef in fresh tomato sauce. Simple and delicious!

Intalian Chicken with Spaghetti  

Roasted chicken seasoned with Italian herbs, served on spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce topped with mozarella. 

Tess Swedish meatball with Spaghetti -

Handmade beef meatballs cocked in special sauce served on spaghetti.  

Local Dishes

Bob Marley's Red-Red (Guest Fovourite!)

Fried plantain served with beans in a tomato vegetable sauce. 

Atta Mill's Banku 
Made with cassava and corn dough served with vegetable sauce

with Chicken or Fish

JJ Rawling Kenkey 

Made with fermented corn dough and served with vegetable or pepper with Chicken or Fish

Pizza / Burger / Roasted  Chicken 

Served on Lebanese Pita Bread with real Mozarella cheese
Vegetarian Pizza on a Pita- 

Roasted green pepper, union , tomato and pinaepple. 

Margarita Pizza- 

Simple made with tomatoes and cheese

Hawaiian Pizza -

Topped with ham or salami and fresh pineapple. 

Beef Burger served with Chips 

Handmade burger on a bun with fresh cut fries and choice of toppings

Roasted Chicken

Served with your choice af plain rice/ fried rice/chips / boiled potato / mashed potato 


All  fish dishes below are served with your choice of plain rice / fried rice /chips / boiled potato , mashed potato  / potato wadges. 

Fresh Catch of the day
ask your server for details GH
Grouper - 

Lobster Thermidor (Guest Favourite!) - 

Grilled Lobster 

Fish Cake (order in advance) -

Mashed potato and fish covered in bread crumbs and fried. 

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